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In a multi-racial country like Malaysia the fashion scene has changed dynamically. We can see the changes in muslimah’s fashion and the rise of hijabista in trending among Malaysia. Despite of having the need to fulfill their faith somehow they managed to dress beautifully as a muslimah in their traditional look. Feast your eyes with our stunning collection of muslimah attire on our online boutique. Our latest arrival will be perfect for women to wear to any special occasions such as wedding, formal dinner and even to work. Look elegantly professional at work by donning muslimah office attire with a pair of nice shoes and your favourite handbag. On the other hand you can always transform a dull style to a much glamorous look by matching muslimah long dress with the perfect hijab, luxurious handbag and some jewellery to complete a perfect outfit. Flaunt your choice of muslimah maxi dress for dinner with confidence and charm everyone with your personality by showing off your taste in fashion. Browse through the muslim wear online collection from various top brands!

Trendy Muslim Wear

Baju kebaya is one of the most popular types of tradisional wear in Malaysia. It is a very versatile type of clothing because you wear it to the office. Here we have a few types of kebaya dress such as kebaya pendek, kebaya peplum and kebaya lace from our wide selection of kebaya modern online. Fashion designers always come up with their latest collection of pakaian tradisional every year due to high demand for it. Here we have a huge selection of baju kurung modern, Baju Kurung Pahang, kaftan and jubah for women at the most affordable prices! The jubah is so easy and comfortable to wear! Here, we offer a generous range of jubah modern and Jubah Dress. Find your favourite jubah, tudung, kaftans, mulimah dresses, hijab pin right here!