We are back with our 11.11 sales right here at ZALORA Malaysia! Bringing you amazing deals from a wide range of brands with plenty of 11.11 discounts, cashback, and vouchers. With a wider assortment this year, you can enjoy Singles' Day as this is very new to Malaysia a few years ago. The 11.11 did not start as a shopping day as The Singles' Day was viewed as a day to celebrate the singlehood life. If you are wondering how this term came about, it was originated from China by university students who felt pressured with the society’s standard of marriage. In the 1990s, this informal event has gained great attention for the single individuals out there. The Singles Day is definitely the rival day for Valentine’s Day and it is held on 11 November. Representing 11.11 as a symbol for the day, the meaning of this day has evolved for a day to shop. At ZALORA, our 11.11 sales have started early from 2nd November and will be in high gear mode from 9th til 12th November 2020 so block your calendar to visit our ZALORA website during these dates for an amazing shopping spree! It does not matter whether you are single or not, there is nothing wrong to enjoy shopping for fashionable clothing, accessories, kids' clothing, beauty products, home decor, and more.


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