Founded in 1984, the Fossil brand was the springboard for everything the company has become for more than a quarter of century. Fossil prides itself on its commitment to American vintage inspiration. This commitment has allowed for a strong retail presence globally, with more than 400 retail locations, 4,000 wholesale locations and 13,000 employees worldwide.

Alongside the Fossil Brand, the company is constantly developing its multi-brand portfolio. Our diverse portfolio of world-class brands gives us a unique position in the global marketplace. And we're only getting bigger.


Fossil is an American lifestyle brand, creatively ingrained in authentic vintage and classic design. Fossil stands for the optimism and creativity at the heart of American culture. Inspired by vintage design, we take the best from the past and update it for today's consumers. Since 1984, we have shared our quality products with our fan as we celebrate living an authentic life. Customers will fall in love at first sight with the fabulous yet trendy Fossil watches design. With top notch quality and exclusive look, the watched from Fossil will be the perfect time instrument for you. Select a Fossil watch which fits your style and match it with any outfit you have. The brand designs its watch collection to suit its customer’s different taste while still maintaining an exclusive touch. Both men and women will never get enough with the sleek design and crystal embellished detailing of the watches. The Fossil watches are suitable to be worn to any casual or formal occasions. Wear the stylish time piece with a dress for an elegant look or appear trendy with a pair of casual leather strap watches.

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