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Hailing from the land of the rising sun, this Procter and Gamble beauty brand was founded as a result of an observation on the soft and youthful hands of women working in a sake brewery.

By focusing their research on this particular set of demographics, the scientists were able to isolate and identify, Pitera, the natural and nutrient-rich ingredient responsible for such a miracle in skin enhancement and rejuvenation.

Since then, the brand, SK-II was born and their range of skincare products have amazed women worldwide which has ultimately made it one of the leading brands in the skincare and beauty industry.

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The discovery of SK-II secret ingredient was found in the 1970s when scientist realized the youthful hands of aged sake brewers in a small sake brewery. The unbelievable sight had made scientist eager to uncover the miracle behind it. Scientist studied and figured out that the fermentation liquid process was the true reason for the smooth soft hands of the aged sake brewers. The journey to achieving radiant looking skin had finally begun.

SK-II had established itself and produced a great line of skin care products for both men and women. Women worries are now solved with the wide range of sk ii products consisting of facial treatment essence, cleanser gel, moisturizer, toners, eye care, UV protection and masks. You could select any item you need to get that crystal clear skin as SK-II Malaysia provides every single skin product you could ever imagine! You could transform that dull looking skin with the best skin care product!


SK-II Malaysia not only caters the female market but also the handsome looking gents. As men have a rougher skin compared to women, SK-II had created a few skin care products which would work well with their type of skin. Products ranging from men SK-II facial treatment essence, age revitalize moisturizer, moisturizing cleanser; brightening serum and UV protect moisturizer. As men or women age increases, wrinkles and ageing starts to form. It would make us feel a little bit insecure with our appearance and that is the reason we need to always take good care of our skin. By purchasing SK-II products online at ZALORA, you could make your dream of radiant and young looking skin a reality! Hurry up and get affordable SK-II price online by visiting our website, www.zalora.com.my. Enjoy your shopping experience now and wait for it to arrive at your doorstep!

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Women and men would spend a huge sum of money to retain their youthful and radiant looking skin. Looking for the best beauty and cosmetics products can be a tad complicated but when you have found the right brand to help you’re your skin looking clean and clear, then stick to it like glue. Buying cheap products can be damaging to your skin, so best avoid buying those products. Hailing from the land of the rising sun, this Procter and Gamble beauty brand was founded as a result of an observation on the soft and youthful hands of women working in a sake brewery. Intrigued, the scientists worked hard day and night to find the cause of this phenomenon.

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The line of amazing products from SK-II Malaysia is containing more than 90% Pitera the magical ingredient a group of scientist found years ago during the long hard work of research. The secret as to why SK-II Malaysia stores would always filled with customers is because of their distinguished products. SK-II products maintain the skin's natural renewal cycle to its optimum condition to allow skin nourishment. Grab the best deal of SK-II Malaysia promotion when you shop on our website. We offer the best SK-II Malaysia price list especially during the warehouse sale or sale Malaysia. Trust no other brand but SK-II as it is the one brand that you would love to use for a long time in order to get the best young-looking skin.

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The luxury brand of skincare, SK-II is famously known around the world because of the so-called magical ingredient in its products called Pitera. This special essence is the brand’s signature ingredient, and it appears in everything across their entire line especially in their most famous product, SK-II facial treatment essence. How did they find this superb ingredient? Years ago a group of scientist found it when they were doing their research on the workers of a sake shop. This special ingredient helps to restore the appearance of your skin enabling the skin’s natural surface rejuvenation process to work at its best. Check out for this brand on our website and enjoy the best SK-II facial treatment essence price when you shop with us.

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