SK-II Brand Story


SK-II was founded in the 1970s when researchers discovered the true secret of achieving younger looking skin when they stumbled upon a small sake brewery. The researchers realized the smooth looking hands of the aged sake brewers and decided to study the reason behind it. The magnificent discovery was a dream come true as women all around the world could now have their wish of flawless looking skin a reality. The sake fragmentation process was the real reason behind the discovery and it took years to obtain the secret ingredient, Pitera.

Pitera contains the combination of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids which works together giving the perfect solution of SK-II skincare. SK-II facial treatment essence was the first ever SK-II product containing the miracles of Pitera. The liquid solution which contains 90 percent of Pitera offers smooth younger looking skin and defies the aging process. The skin care solution also contains an element called NMF or known as Natural Mositurizing Factor which occurs naturally in healthy beautiful skin. The discovery has helped many women around the world solve their skin problems. Women do not have to lather makeup on their faces constantly as SK-II works its magic by revealing a true natural beauty.


Besides that, SK-II not only produces their skin care products for women but also for men. Even the men could achieve a younger look with the wide range from SK-II for men. The SK-II men skin care products including facial treatment essence, toner, facial mask and moisturizer could be found available to obtain crystal clear skin. Men and women could vanish their skin concerns away by applying the best skin care product which is made available at ZALORA. SK-II Malaysia skin care products are just a click away being yours with a click of a button. Order the products in your cart for the best SK-II price and obtain radiant looking skin within just four weeks!