Peter Thomas Roth is a skin care brand which was established in the year 1993 by the founder, Peter Thomas Roth himself to tackle the issue of skin problems. The founder inherited the skin care knowledge and idea from his early family generation owned two spa resorts in Hungary. Peter was having his own skin problems and came up with the idea of producing his own skin care products. Peter started his skin care business with the benefits in muds and minerals which can be found in the Hungary thermal springs. The founder soon developed its skin care brand with the latest ingredients and formulas to produce the best products for their customers.

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Peter Thomas Roth brand offers over 100 products for men and women ranging from Peter Thomas Roth cleanser, moisturizer, toners, anti-aging creams, facial mask, scrubs and more. The Peter Thomas Roth products are suitable to be used for all skin types and customers can select any product from the brand that can solve their skin problems. The brand created its products to cater each individuals skin care needs, skin types and skin concerns for both men and women. The collection of Peter Thomas Roth are designed to treat all types of skin issue a person may be dealing with including pimple breakouts, dark spots, blemishes, wrinkles and uneven skin tone. Customers can also use Peter Thomas Roth CC creams to cover up unnecessary spots on their face.


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It is everyone’s dream to look good inside and out. Looking good in the public is crucial as it is kind of how we show to everyone on how we manage ourselves. How to actually get a good flawless skin? Some would say it all has to start with our daily diet. The food we take every day actually a very good indicator on what we actually consume. There are many types of food out there; some are good while others are not really going to be that beneficial to your health which means you have to avoid taking them or simply reduce the amount you take. On the other hand you may want to start your daily beauty regime with products from Peter Thomas Roth. Peter Thomas Roth Malaysia has the best line of beauty products that may be perfect for your skin. You can always check out the Peter Thomas Roth review made by our dear customers on their experiences using this brilliant brand. Some of the best-selling items are Peter Thomas Roth fragrance, Peter Thomas Roth foaming cleanser and Peter Thomas Roth face wash. Now as it is available at Zalora you can get the best Peter Thomas Roth Malaysia price only with us!

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