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Levi's Red 502 Taper Fit Jeans A0133-0000

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Our Levi's® 502™ Taper Fit Jeans are our most versatile fit — one that looks good on just about anyone. Cut on the slimmer side with a tapered leg opening, they're ideal for showing off those new shoes.
-99% Cotton, 1% Elastane
-Regular through the thigh
-Slightly tapered leg
-Sits below your waist
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{"standard_size_system":"StandardSizeSystem","StandardSizeSystem":[{"Waist x Length":"W2732","Waist (CM)":"69.8 - 71.1","Hip (CM)":"83.7 - 85","Inseam (CM)":"74.5 - 79.5","Waist Size":""},{"Waist x Length":"W2832","Waist (CM)":"71 - 73.5","Hip (CM)":"85.75 - 89.5","Inseam (CM)":"74.5 - 79.5","Waist Size":""},{"Waist x Length":"W2834","Waist (CM)":"71 - 73.5","Hip (CM)":"85.75 - 89.5","Inseam (CM)":"79.5 - 84.5","Waist Size":""},{"Waist x Length":"W2932","Waist (CM)":"73.5 - 76","Hip (CM)":"88 - 92","Inseam (CM)":"74.5 - 79.5","Waist Size":""},{"Waist x Length":"W3030","Waist (CM)":"76 - 78.5","Hip (CM)":"91 - 94.5","Inseam (CM)":"69.5 - 74.5","Waist Size":""},{"Waist x Length":"W3032","Waist (CM)":"76 - 78.5","Hip (CM)":"91 - 94.5","Inseam (CM)":"74.5 - 79.5","Waist Size":""},{"Waist x Length":"W3034","Waist (CM)":"76 - 78.5","Hip (CM)":"91 - 94.5","Inseam (CM)":"79.5 - 84.5","Waist Size":""},{"Waist x Length":"W3129","Waist (CM)":"78.5 - 81","Hip (CM)":"93.38 - 97","Inseam (CM)":"54.5 - 69.5","Waist Size":""},{"Waist x Length":"W3130","Waist (CM)":"78.5 - 81","Hip (CM)":"93.38 - 97","Inseam (CM)":"69.5 - 74.5","Waist Size":""},{"Waist x Length":"W3132","Waist (CM)":"78.5 - 81","Hip (CM)":"93.38 - 97","Inseam (CM)":"74.5 - 79.5","Waist Size":""},{"Waist x Length":"W3134","Waist (CM)":"78.5 - 81","Hip (CM)":"93.38 - 97","Inseam (CM)":"79.5 - 84.5","Waist Size":""},{"Waist x Length":"W3229","Waist (CM)":"81 - 83.5","Hip (CM)":"95.9 - 99.5","Inseam (CM)":"54.5 - 69.5","Waist Size":""},{"Waist x Length":"W3230","Waist (CM)":"81 - 83.5","Hip (CM)":"95.9 - 99.5","Inseam (CM)":"69.5 - 74.5","Waist Size":""},{"Waist x Length":"W3232","Waist (CM)":"81 - 83.5","Hip (CM)":"95.9 - 99.5","Inseam (CM)":"74.5 - 79.5","Waist Size":""},{"Waist x Length":"W3234","Waist (CM)":"81 - 83.5","Hip (CM)":"95.9 - 99.5","Inseam (CM)":"79.5 - 84.5","Waist Size":""},{"Waist x Length":"W3330","Waist (CM)":"83.5 - 86","Hip (CM)":"98.5 - 102.25","Inseam (CM)":"69.5 - 74.5","Waist Size":""},{"Waist x Length":"W3332","Waist (CM)":"83.5 - 86","Hip (CM)":"98.5 - 102.25","Inseam (CM)":"74.5 - 79.5","Waist Size":""},{"Waist x Length":"W3334","Waist (CM)":"83.5 - 86","Hip (CM)":"98.5 - 102.25","Inseam (CM)":"79.5 - 84.5","Waist Size":""},{"Waist x Length":"W3429","Waist (CM)":"86 - 88.5","Hip (CM)":"101 - 104.75","Inseam (CM)":"54.5 - 69.5","Waist Size":""},{"Waist x Length":"W3430","Waist (CM)":"86 - 88.5","Hip (CM)":"101 - 104.75","Inseam (CM)":"69.5 - 74.5","Waist Size":""},{"Waist x Length":"W3432","Waist (CM)":"86 - 88.5","Hip (CM)":"101 - 104.75","Inseam (CM)":"74.5 - 79.5","Waist Size":""},{"Waist x Length":"W3629","Waist (CM)":"91.5 - 94","Hip (CM)":"106 - 109.87","Inseam (CM)":"54.5 - 69.5","Waist Size":""},{"Waist x Length":"W3630","Waist (CM)":"91.5 - 94","Hip (CM)":"106 - 109.87","Inseam (CM)":"69.5 - 74.5","Waist Size":""},{"Waist x Length":"W3632","Waist (CM)":"91.5 - 94","Hip (CM)":"106 - 109.87","Inseam (CM)":"74.5 - 79.5","Waist Size":""},{"Waist x Length":"W3832","Waist (CM)":"96.5 - 99","Hip (CM)":"110.13 - 114","Inseam (CM)":"74.5 - 79.5","Waist Size":""},{"Waist x Length":"W4032","Waist (CM)":"101.5 - 104","Hip (CM)":"114 - 118.3","Inseam (CM)":"74.5 - 79.5","Waist Size":""},{"Waist x Length":"W4232","Waist (CM)":"106.5 - 109","Hip (CM)":"117.75 - 122.25","Inseam (CM)":"74.5 - 79.5","Waist Size":""},{"Waist x Length":"W4432","Waist (CM)":"113 - 115","Hip (CM)":"126 - 128.7","Inseam (CM)":"74.5 - 79.5","Waist Size":""},{"Waist x Length":"","Waist (CM)":"71 - 73.5","Hip (CM)":"85.75 - 89.5","Inseam (CM)":"74.5 - 79.5","Waist Size":"28 in"},{"Waist x Length":"","Waist (CM)":"73.5 - 76","Hip (CM)":"88 - 92","Inseam (CM)":"74.5 - 79.5","Waist Size":"29 in"},{"Waist x Length":"","Waist (CM)":"76 - 78.5","Hip (CM)":"91 - 94.5","Inseam (CM)":"74.5 - 79.5","Waist Size":"30 in"},{"Waist x Length":"","Waist (CM)":"78.5 - 81","Hip (CM)":"93.38 - 97","Inseam (CM)":"74.5 - 79.5","Waist Size":"31 in"},{"Waist x Length":"","Waist (CM)":"81 - 83.5","Hip (CM)":"95.9 - 99.5","Inseam (CM)":"74.5 - 79.5","Waist Size":"32 in"},{"Waist x Length":"","Waist (CM)":"83.5 - 86","Hip (CM)":"98.5 - 102.25","Inseam (CM)":"74.5 - 79.5","Waist Size":"33 in"},{"Waist x Length":"","Waist (CM)":"86 - 88.5","Hip (CM)":"101 - 104.75","Inseam (CM)":"74.5 - 79.5","Waist Size":"34 in"},{"Waist x Length":"","Waist (CM)":"91.5 - 94","Hip (CM)":"106 - 109.87","Inseam (CM)":"74.5 - 79.5","Waist Size":"36 in"},{"Waist x Length":"","Waist (CM)":"96.5 - 99","Hip (CM)":"110.13 - 114","Inseam (CM)":"74.5 - 79.5","Waist Size":"38 in"},{"Waist x Length":"","Waist (CM)":"101.5 - 104","Hip (CM)":"114 - 118.3","Inseam (CM)":"74.5 - 79.5","Waist Size":"40 in"},{"Waist x Length":"","Waist (CM)":"106.5 - 109","Hip (CM)":"117.75 - 122.25","Inseam (CM)":"74.5 - 79.5","Waist Size":"42 in"}],"Waist x Length":{"W2732":["0"],"W2832":["1"],"W2834":["2"],"W2932":["3"],"W3030":["4"],"W3032":["5"],"W3034":["6"],"W3129":["7"],"W3130":["8"],"W3132":["9"],"W3134":["10"],"W3229":["11"],"W3230":["12"],"W3232":["13"],"W3234":["14"],"W3330":["15"],"W3332":["16"],"W3334":["17"],"W3429":["18"],"W3430":["19"],"W3432":["20"],"W3629":["21"],"W3630":["22"],"W3632":["23"],"W3832":["24"],"W4032":["25"],"W4232":["26"],"W4432":["27"],"":["28","29","30","31","32","33","34","35","36","37","38"]},"Waist Size":{"":["0","1","2","3","4","5","6","7","8","9","10","11","12","13","14","15","16","17","18","19","20","21","22","23","24","25","26","27"],"28 in":["28"],"29 in":["29"],"30 in":["30"],"31 in":["31"],"32 in":["32"],"33 in":["33"],"34 in":["34"],"36 in":["35"],"38 in":["36"],"40 in":["37"],"42 in":["38"]}}
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