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The latest trend of Muslimah fashion sees the rise of modern Muslimah fashion in the world of our very own local fashion industry in Malaysia. Thanks to our hardworking local fashion designers who have been trying so hard to produce new collections of Muslimah wear every year. Their efforts resulted in a new era of Muslimah wear. Almost everywhere we can see new hijab fashion is widely popular among the Malaysians. On top of that with the help of new community of fashion lovers called hijabista showing off their unique and fresh hijab fashion style everyone admires the hijab fashion more than ever. The hijab fashion fever is now coming to Zalora as you can find a huge collection of latest hijab on our virtual store. As the biggest online Muslimah fashion boutique, we offer the newest hijab fashion Malaysia collection with a wide variety of designs, patterns, sizes and colours. You can even check out our hijab tutorial on this special page dedicated to give the best hijab tutorials for women who are looking for hijab tutorial shawl and pashmina.

Learn The Best Tutorial Tudung Online @ ZALORA!

Check out hijab online at ZALOAR Malaysia’s website if you are one of the hijabistas who love wearing tudung or hijab. Here we do not just offer a wide range of hijab online for women but we even have the best tutorial tudung! If you are looking for hijab tutorial videos then you are at the right place! On our online virtual store, we just created a page for fashion lovers to get their hands on the most useful information on how to style hijab the best way for a more sophisticated and trendy looks. We have all the information you need here as you can discover how to wear hijab like a celebrity with our tutorial tudung Neelofa and tutorial tudung Siti Nurhaliza. On top of that the best part is where you can actually find all other sorts of tutorials such as tutorial tudung halfmoon, tutorial tudung bawal labuh, tutorial tudung bawal, tutorial tudung shawl, tutorial tudung labuh, tutorial tudung pashmina and lots more! Learn the best way of cara pakai tudung bawal terkini to give a stylish touch on your whole look to stand out in the crowd! Let’s visit our online Muslimah boutique today and discover the best way of cara pakai selendang in the most fun way!

Learn Best Tutorial Wide Shawl @ ZALORA

ZALORA Malaysia offers almost anything that is related to fashion and even hijab tutorial. If you wear hijab and looking for hijab tips you can learn how to wear it here. Get the best access to our tutorial wide shawl at ZALORA’s website. Knowing the increase in popularity for the head accessory, we understand that our customers especially among women who wear hijab would love to learn the best way to wear hijab. Wide shawl is proven to be one of the most popular items here at ZALORA and learning the best way of cara memakai selendang would be a brilliant choice for most hijabis. You would find our tutorial of cara memakai selendang dengan mudah easy to be followed. You can also visit our online store to get a closer look on how to wear one of the most popular types of hijab which is tudung bawal. Learn how to wear tudung bawal or cara memakai tudung bawal from us and you will be surprised how easy it actually is from the steps provided. Learn the best tricks of cara pakai tudung bawal macam selendang from us as they will help you style your favourite headscarf to give your outfit an instant look that is effortlessly stylish!