Eyeko is a London brand established in the year 1999 which produces makeup only for the eyes. The cosmetic brand was developed by makeup veteran and partner, Max and Lina Leykind. Eyeko offers women the perfect range of eye makeup such as mascara, eyeliner, eyebrow and eyeshadow products to add into their makeup collection. Even popular celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Salma Hayek and Gemma Aterton adore the eye makeup range offered by Eyeko. As eyes are the windows to one’s soul, Eyeko cosmetics product will definitely bring out a person’s various personalities with the right eye makeup technique.

Women who love to experiment and aiming to have a bolder sultry appearance should definitely look at Eyeko’s extensive makeup eye collection. Eyeko eyeliner has different types of makeup textures from gels, cream, pencil and powder to suit each individual’s makeup preferences. Opt for a chalky eyeliner with a darker tone eyeshadow to get a dramatic smokey look on a date night out or look simple yet feminine by applying a slight hint of Eyeko eyeshadow colour on your eyelid. Women can create a new look for themselves with just focusing on their eyes. Eyeko eye makeup products is definitely the perfect brand for women especially those who loves catching other people’s attention with a glare.


Eyeko mascara also allows women to have wonderful wide eyes and makes women appear more elegant. Use Eyeko eyelash curler and mink your lashes with a few layers of mascara to appear stunning all day long. Mascara is the simplest step women can practice in order to look pretty effortlessly without much hassle. Interested customers who can’t wait to add Eyeko makeup items should have a look at ZALORA as it offers you a wide range of the latest makeup items from Eyeko online. Scan through the Eyeko page and buy makeup online with ZALORA! Wait no more and have fun shopping online with us now!