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Your dream of having a dress created by one of Malaysia’s best designers, Rizalman Ibrahim is about to come true. He is one of Malaysia’s best known fashion designers, a go-to person for big names and celebrities like Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza, Ziana Zain, and he designed Marion Caunter’s amazing white baju kurung for her wedding to SM Nasaruddin SM Nasimuddin. You can now feel like a celebrity as Rizalman has teamed up with Zalora to present you with a collection of beautifully designed baju kurungs, kaftans, jubahs and dresses for you to have at affordable prices. His women’s wear creations are a mix of the old and the new, fusing classic designs with modern and contemporary styles, patterns and prints. Style your look with the right accessories, and be ready to become the center of attention during events. Buy Rizalman baju kurung online in Malaysia at Zalora from Rizalman Ibrahim's exclusive collection.

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Amazing collection of Malaysia’s talented fashion designer, Rizalman Ibrahim is finally here! For the past two years we have made excellent collaborations with local designers but ever since then we have been receiving demands to bring in the latest collection of fesyen Rizalman Ibrahim. Now, thanks to our hardworking team we are having the new Rizalman collection on our online fashion store! The best part is we are offering almost everything you can find from Rizalman Ibrahim boutique here at Zalora. We know how much you love him; we understand how deeply you all have been admiring Rizalman Ibrahim couture. You might know everything about Rizalman Ibrahim and we don’t want to start telling you and open the long list of points from Rizalman Ibrahim profile. So let’s just visit our website and browse through his collection of dresses only at Zalora.

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For this coming Hari Raya it is the time for you to get the latest collection of Rizalman for Zalora from our huge selection of baju raya. Grab this great creation from Rizalman Ibrahim for Zalora. This year’s Rizalman Hari Raya collection consists of a wide selection of pakaian tradisional for women. However with a lil bit twist he successfully brought in amazing collection of traditional wear given with a creatively modern touch. This results in a huge variety of baju kurung moden, kaftan moden and many more Muslimah wear with stylish designs, patterns, colours and sizes to let you wear them with different styles. Rizalman Zalora’s unique collaboration with us is seen as a chance for his fans to buy Rizalman Hari Raya collection at a much more affordable price. This is the perfect time for you to grab a designer’s collection at the best price in Malaysia!

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